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Acclaimed engineering services.

OnSite's Objective

We strive to provide personal and custom electrical engineering services for commercial, industrial, residential, and utility clients. Our engineers and support staff are dedicated to the highest caliber product and client satisfaction.

At-Location Operations

OnSite's name is derived from its custom, on-location services. OnSite staff will evaluate present electrical equipment and pair efficient recommendations with the customer's future needs to streamline a safe, cost effective solution. This will definitively reduce process time for plan reviews, permits, and inspections.

Expertise in Industry Standards

OnSite’s staff has extensive knowledge in current codes, standards, and industry-critical electrical engineering solutions that are integrated with professionally assembled reports and plans.


Areas of expertise.

Arc-Flash Studies

OSHA-required arc-flash energy calculations, short circuit, and coordination analysis for new or existing electrical distribution systems.

Inspection and Plan Review

National Electrical and related construction code compliance analysis with at-site services for proposed and permitted construction projects.

Electrical Design

Evaluation, design, and provison of permit-ready construction documents using AutoCAD, Bluebeam Review, EDR, and EasyPower software.


A selection of OnSite’s past projects.

Single Line Diagram

Short Circuit Calculations

Time-Current Curve

Arc-Flash Labels

AutoCAD Design

Recent Portfolio

Engineering Staff

Our knowledgeable management.

George Ritchie

P. E. Principal

Cofounder of OnSite, leads the company with nearly 30 years of extensive and varied experience in electrical planning, design, and field services. With a strong, proven track record among diverse clients, he is principal-in-charge for many of OnSite’s projects and power system studies. A certificate holder for plan review and inspections, he is a registered engineer in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

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